Recent Before & After Photos

Soot left behind from a fire

We remove soot after a fire and make it "Like it never even happened."

Electrical Malfunction and Fire

The day before Christmas Eve, 2017, this resident experienced an electrical malfunction which started in the ceiling near the fireplace. The malfunction started... READ MORE

Upholstery Restoration

SERVPRO of Fort Smith restores upholstery and various furniture pieces. This couch came from a home with children and pets and had various stains from its inten... READ MORE

Hide and Seep

When floods occur indoors, it is extremely important to know where water can hide. Unfortunately, water hides in the most unfortunate of places. Sometimes it ca... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Soot can seep into porous materials and leave behind residue and odors. It is important to remediate all smoke damaged materials as soon as possible. Smoke from... READ MORE

Flood Cuts

Water damage can occur anywhere on a property where water can travel. Especially where there are pipes and water connections, these are areas that are more like... READ MORE

When Storm Floods Happen

Storm floods and water are almost always underestimated in their power and ability to destroy your property, but it shouldn't destroy your life. It is imperativ... READ MORE

Better Than Before

Soot damage cleanup on wood can be particularly challenging. Being a naturally porous material, soot and odors tend to permeate the surface and usually require ... READ MORE

It's what You Don't See

Look for telltale signs of water damage. Here are some quick tips:Check behind and under appliances for mold, mildew and discoloration. Look for — and sme... READ MORE

Glad to Support VFW

It is important to take great pride in the quality of work we provide especially when it comes to taking care of our local Veterans of Foreign Wars. When it com... READ MORE